Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My work term was at Yonge and Sheppard, so we finally had the chance to try Joons which is conveniently located right best the  Sheppard subway station! They have a second location at Bloor/Christie Koreatown which is equally, if not more, as popular!

Just look for the signature bright orange sign :)

Where: 4852 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
Price: $$ (Our meal was $25 for two people)

Interior is standard of what you would expect of any Korean restaurant - a little dingy but of course the food makes up for it.

Shortly after arriving, they served the traditional Korean Banchan (the small complimentary dishes of appetizers). At Joons, this consists of kimchi, steamed broccoli, pickled daikon and potato salad. The broccoli and potato salad are a bit out of the ordinary.. we didn't care much for those :(

From top left going clockwise:
Kimchi, steamed broccoli, potato salad and pickled daikon
Loved their banchan! Joon's is known for its mashed potato banchan so of course.. we made sure we got seconds.. and thirds :)
Since Joons is known for tabletop cooking, the two of us decided on the HaeMool DakGalBee (chicken, assorted seafood and vegetables) It's 10.25 per order and a minimum of two orders MUST be made.

You can also choose from a selection of three sauces each spicier than the last:
(1) the non-spicy teriyaki sauce
(2) the "Joons Original Spicy Sauce"
(3) the suicidal spicy sauce ($0.50 extra)

We went with the original spicy sauce which is, after all, the Joons Original!

For those who don't care for meat, the menu indicates that chicken can be replaced with tofu!

Extra add-ons
We added the noodles ($2) and mozzarella cheese ($2). The dish itself doesn't come with any grains so I suggest getting any of the carbs in the add-ons! 

They cook the food (beginning to end) right infront of you :)

Everything is done for you, just sit back and enjoy the show!

Final product - seafood, cheese, noodles and all!
You might think the cheese is a strange addition but it surprisingly works! Tastes amazing with the spicy taste and noodles. 

Although we have only been here once and only tried ONE thing on their menu, we would definitely recommend this. We have been told that its the only thing worth getting here anyways! If you ever have the chance, drop by here :)

[April 14, 2014: Update!]

Came back here over the weekend to find that Joon's is still upholding the standard for delicious food we tasted 2 years ago. Similar to our last visit, we also ordered the chicken + seafood table top cooking again with a kimchi fried rice. 

We ordered 3 portions but to be very blunt, I strongly believe we got ripped off. They use the exact same pan for a 2-portion order and you cannot even tell the difference between the sizes. Stick with ordering 2 portions or 4 portions (where they use a larger pan, so you can see that it is indeed bigger).

The kimchi fried rice was delicious but I wish there was more kimchi zing to it. The portion was on the small side, but still a good addition to the meal.

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