Monday, July 23, 2012

Butter Avenue

I was finally able to make it to Butter Avenue (@butteravenue) which was conveniently located near my workplace. It's been opened since December 2011 but I just haven't been able to find the time to go!

Where: 3467 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4N 2N3
Price: $ (Macarons: $2.25 each, small cake slices $6-7)

Pretty macaron tower outside their store
Butter Avenue itself is a very clean, bright and spacious pattiserie (Minimalism at its best!).

Their macarons, cakes and pastries are organised neatly in their displays

$2.25 each or $13.50 for 6 and no tax!

Lines and lines of beautiful pastel-coloured macarons.

An hour and $40 later..

Quite impressed with their packaging :) Equally as pretty as the goodies they're holding

The goodies!

Coffee, Passion Fruit, Matcha, Earl Grey, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate

Lemon Meringue 
My family loves lemon meringue so I knew I had to try Butter Avenue's version of it. Adorably small but packs a huge flavour of tarte lemon, it was quite refreshing! I wish there was more meringe :(!

I'm awfully apologetic but the name of this cake seems to have escaped me :( It was raspberry filling with a vanilla creme and hazlenuts )

Earl Grey Macaron - specks of tea leaves!

All the macarons had a crisp outer shell, a chewy and soft interior.  They have the perfect amount of flavour and sweetness. The matcha macaron had enough matcha flavour to satisfy the inner green tea fanatic in me. Definitely the winner of the 6! The earl gray was light and pleasant and the sea-salt caramel actually had a caramel filling. It was definitely the heavier of the six.

Honorary mentions go to the passion fruit which was sweet and very refreshing and the coffee which was rich in flavour. The dark chocolate was also very good with a delightful dark chocolate ganache as the filling.

At the back: Terre et Neige ($7.15)
(Green tea mousse, semi-sweet brownie, soft chocolate biscuit, light cremeux)

The terre et neige was delightfully flavourful in match flavouring and VERY soft and moist. My only issue with this cake was that it was a little pricey!

A brief note on service: It was absolutely amazing. Usually people feel uncomfortable walking into such a fancy-looking pattiserie but Calvin made me feel right at home. He spoke to me about how they made their macarons and gave me a white chocolate strawberry courtesy of Butter Avenue! 

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