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Trevor Kitchen & Bar (Summerlicious 2012)

We ate at Trevor Kitchen and Bar with two of our other friends for the Summerlicious dinner menu. This wonderful restaurant that has become a top hit for Summerlicious for us :)!
Exterior (Sorry for the action shot !)
Where: 38 Wellington Street East
M5E 1C7
Price: $35 for Summerlicious Dinner Menu ($45 in the end)

For the full Trevor Kitchen and Bar Summerlicious menu, click HERE

To begin, I loved the restaurant environment. Trevor K+B is located in the basement of a building. Sounds a little sketchy, I know. But bear with me. The entire restaurant is appropriately dim, with candles everywhere and a modern yet cozy feel to it.

Reveiws describe the attire for TK+B as "refined funkiness"... Not sure what that means, but business casual is fine :)
Entrance way (apologies for the poor quality! It's pretty dim in there!)

Although it's located in a basement, Trevor K+B is still rocking the formal white table cloths and the fancy white chairs!

Trevor K+B Dinner Summerlicious Menu

Table setting

Complimentary bread with whipped butter
Strangely enough the bread actually came around the same time as our appetizers (as opposed to before!). But for good reason - the bread was still in the oven and came fresh out with our appetizers!

Potato Crusted Crab Cake
with Green Mango and Chili Aioli
C: This was mine and A's appetizer. Now, I have a shameful confession to make.. I've never had a really good crab cake so I wasn't sure what to expect. However from what I've learned from the trusty Food Network, crab cakes that fall apart easily are actually the best because it truly showcases the flakiness and bits of crab meat which is exactly what happened here. Everytime I tried to cut into it, the potato crust would give way leaving me with a lump of crab meat. Quite good! Looking forward to trying even more crab cakes now :D
Although A didn't like the sauce cause it was too spicy, I actually really liked it although I do agree it grew to be a little too much near the end.

Macaroni and Asiago Cheese
Comfort food at its best!
J: I ended up going with the Macaroni and Asiago Cheese. The description is deceptively plain - mac and cheese? At an upscale restaurant?? But this was absolutely delicious - oozing with cheesy (I'm talking stringy cheesy hanging off your fork!). Funny thing is, I don't normally like asiago cheese, but in the mac and cheese where it's all melted and mixed with herbs and such - I loved it. It was a heavy starter though, so it's good that the bowl was small!

Surf & Turf
Dry aged Alberto Sirloin Steak, Jumbo Prawn with Truffled Goat Cheese Poutine

C: This was the first of the mains - I chose the Surf & Turf. I usually don't like ordering steak at restaurants cause I find they don't cook it to my preference (plus my dad knows how to make a mean steak!!) but the truffled goat cheese poutine sold it for me. I had asked for medium rare (refer to picture below) and was surprised they got it pretty spot on, albeit a bit more rare than I had liked. While the shrimp was good, it was definitely not jumbo shrimp. Lastly, the poutine was pretty standard, although I did like how you could taste some of the juice and sauce from the steak in it as well. There was also quite a bit of goat cheese in it! The only real issue I can say about this dish is that it was FILLING. While the others at the table got light, refreshing plates, this was extremely filling!

A bit more rare then I wanted, but better more rare then more well done :D
Northern Ontario Whitefish
with malt vinegar fingerling potato salad & lobster tartare sauce

J: I, along with the rest of the table chose the Whitefish. The highlight of this dish is the freshness of the Whitefish. The Whitefish tasted great as it was smooth  and easy to eat.The only issue was the pieces of Whitefish were inconsistent, the bottom piece was great, but the piece on top was slightly dry. The potato salad complemented the fish very nicely since it was not too heavy. Unfortunately, the lobster tartare sauce was nothing special, it tasted like regular tartare sauce. 

Strawberry Tiramisu
(Excuse the poor quality photo; photography is not J's forte..)

J: If you haven't seen the caption already then I apologize for the terrible photo. The picture really doesn't do it justice. This dish is simply amazing. You cannot eat this dish separately, the soft tiramisu, chocolate, and strawberry have to be eaten as one to fully enjoy this. I thought it was quite heavy at first, but then I soon realized I couldn't stop eating it.Only negative thing about this dish is that it wasn't really tiramisu - just a really good strawberry cake This is a great finish to an excellent meal at Trevors :) 

Dark Chocolate and Caramel Torte
with Peanut Butter Chantilly
C: I chose the dark chocolate and caramel torte with peanut butter chantilly for my dessert. I'm sad to say that I wish I could have enjoyed this more. This was DELICIOUS. Very decadent. But I was sad because I was so full from my previous dish that I couldn't fully enjoy this one. Even through my stuffed belly, I could tell this was really good. The dark chocolate torte (couldn't taste much, if any, of the caramel) was .. luxurious. SO smooth and chocolatey. Definitely recommend this to any chocolate-lover! The peanut butter chantilly was also the perfect counter to the heaviness, simply to die for X_X

Short lesson here: Chantilly is another name for what we know as.. whipped cream! The difference is not the technique (which is essentially the same) but the creme used in Chantilly is.. sweetened! That's it! Don't let the fancy word fool you.

Creme Brulee
Our friend, C, got the creme brulee which he pronounced to be the best part of his meal. What I liked about this dish is that it's very shallow so you're sure to get a bite of caramelized sugar in every bite (Let's face it, that's everyone's favourite part!). The custard itself was really creamy too!

Thanks for a great dinner, Trevor :)

At the end of the meal, we looked around the restaurant and saw that a lot of the tables actually had bowls of blue cotton candy which we later found out came complimentary with the bill. Why didn't we get one!?

FYI: For those who have S/Os who simply do NOT like dressing up, Trevor has their Summerlicious pick available for DELIVERY TO YOUR HOUSE (Order it through HERE) A Summerlicious menu without the Summerlicious crowd? I'm sold.

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