Monday, July 16, 2012


I have a weakness called farmer's markets and food markets. I could honestly spend an entire day at one and still not want to leave.
The most well known food market in Toronto is known as St. Lawrence Market - it's actually ranked the world's best food market!

92-95 Front Street
Toronto, ON
M5E 1C3
Price: n/a

Inside the South Market is a huge food market!

The St. Lawrence market is home to Buster's Sea Cove and you can read our review of that HERE!

Large patio area that circles the South Mark

Inside SLM, there are numerous food vendors all specializing in a specific type of food. From smoked meats, to cheese to seafood to even a candy store, there's a little something for everyone!!

Huge selection of mustard's to try

Gourmet mustards ($7-$8 a jar)

Off to Witteveen for some quality back bacon!

Juicy tender and quality back bacon!

SLM literally has anything you could imagine:

Smoked meats

Variety of olives

SLM has a huge abundance of cheese shops

Even the random store with cute cooking equipment :D

Then we were off to North Market...

 Now typically, North Market is where the fresh produce is (and infamous for its Saturday Farmer's Market) while South Market holds cooked foods. The North Market only opens on Saturdays, starting at 5am!

North Market
Farmers come in as early as 4:30am, to set up their booths with the freshest of vegetables and fruits!

Huge pile of fresh broccoli, leeks, and asparagus

Fresh rhubarb

Baked Goods

Fresh vegetables everwhere

Beet and pickle samples!

Of course you'll get the oddity once in a while.

Dehydrated Apple chips!

The meat we bought back from Witteveen

Look at that marbling! Not bad for Toronto :)
My family and I like to come on Saturdays so we can get the best of both markets, but South Market is a very popular place during weekdays around lunch time as well!

As for North Market and the visiting times there are pros and cons to going both earlier in the day and later in the day.
If you go early, you will be guaranteed the more fresher vegetables and fruits there
However, if you go later on during the day, all the prices are cut and you can actually bargain with some of the people there.

It all just depends on what you're looking for :) Either way, SLM is definitely a hub of good food!

Happy eatings!

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