Friday, July 13, 2012

Taste of Little Italy 2012

We love hitting up food festivals - first one of the summer: Taste of Little Italy which happened from June 15 - 17 on College Street between Bathurst & Shaw.

June 15-17 2012
College/Shaw - College/Bathurst

Ready to take you on, TOLI :)

Start point

So empty!

We actually got here at 11:30 in hopes of being early and beating the lines but we got here too early. TOLI was actually set to start at 12:00!

Since we got there waaaay too early and it was ridiculously hot that day, we stopped by DOLCE GELATO for some gelato to cool off. Click the link to check out our review!

As the festival started and we began walking around, we saw so many interesting foods!!

Interesting foods!

We were so set to try the pulled pork sundae.. until we realized it was just mashed potatoes in  a sundae cup with gravy and pulled pork. Disappointing..
I also desperately wanted to try the deep fried pickle but J doesn't like pickles as much as I do, so I knew I would have a hard time finishing it :(

Zazzu Hot Cones

Our first nom was the Zazzu hot cones which is essentially a pizza in a cone.

Zazzu - the cone pizza!!

Pepperonie Zazzu ($7)

Since its basically like a pizza slice rolled up, its VERY cheesey and saucey. Really good and minimal crust which I loved. But for $7 we expected it to be slightly bigger..

After Zazzu, we hit up Hey Meatball! to try their food as well. Their stall was not fully ready yet, so we went in to their diner to try their food! Click the link above to see our review :)

Our final stop were Hogtown Pub and Oysters, famously known for their (you guessed it) oysters! That day, they got a shipment of fresh oysters delivered that day!

Hogtown Pub & Oysters shucking fresh oysters!
3 for $5 PEI Ocean Oysters

We actually ran into the World Naked Bike Ride - quite a sight to see..

Since we couldn't get enough of the oysters from Hogtown, we actually ended up going to Rodney's Oyster House to satisfy our craving :D

Taste of Little Italy was filled with great food, but we thought that it was actually very Greek-filled - not enough Italian deliciousness! There was a lot of souvlaki and kebabs and not as much Italian as we'd like. 
Still, great weather, food and people - how can you complain :)

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