Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey Meatball

Passed by this adorable little diner during Taste of Little Italy. Decided to stop by and try their self-proclaimed home-made meatballs!

719 College Street
Toronto, ON
M6G 3C1
Price: $$ (dishes are typically $7-$15)
Toronto's very first "All-meatball-quick-service" restaurant! Hey Meatball boasts a Farm-to-Table ingredient list (it sources EVERYTHING offered to customers). Most well known for their home-made meatballs and natural sodas. Everything is basically made in-store including their pastas which are hand-made daily!

Their menu board

Adorable diner

Open kitchen concept

Also famous for  their homemade sodas!

We got their Minty Green Tea ($3) homemade soda, which sadly did NOT have much of a green-tea flavour OR a minty flavour. It tasted almost.. vanilla-like. Still really good and it most definitely tastes home-made. Perfect for the hot day!! Ginger-ale and strawberry are their most popular choices, so I have yet to try those =)

All their take-out packages are made of biodegradable materials. Thumbs up!
We ended up getting the "3 Meatballs with Bread" ($7) which was their rendition of a meatball sub. It was good but nothing particularly memorable. We asked for the bread on the side so we could dip it into the sauce and such. We were a little.. overwhelmed by the amount of salt in the sauce and meatballs (hence, why I guess there was bread!) The meatballs were very good despite the salty sauce. You could tell there was a lot of work put into the meatballs though.

Hey Meatball has all the great qualities of a unique restaurant. The atmosphere was amazing but the food fell a little short for us. The one thing that DID stick out for us was their homemade soda!

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