Friday, June 22, 2012

Dolce Gelato

We got to Taste of Little Italy way earlier than it was to start. Ended up sitting in Dolce Gelato for a while. Great little cafe filled with authentic Italian desserts and of course, gelato!

697 College Street
Toronto, ON
M6G 1B9

There's around 40 or so flavours available and you can test them until you're good and ready! (Don't go too crazy though....)

Small (2 Flavours) - $3.75
Medium (2 Flavours) - $4.75
Large (3 Flavours) $6.75
 A little overpriced - but very tasty nonetheless

Sorry for the blurry photograph of the menu board posted up!

Although not commonly ordered, they have so many desserts! But of course, like us, people come for the gelato!

Small size - 2 flavours
Mocha and Mango

Pretty sizable portion for the "small". So smooth and rich in flavour! Love to go in between the fruity and refreshing mango and the strong coffee flavoured gelato.

All in all, service isn't amazing, but it's decent. The quality of gelato here is too good for it to matter. Check them out :)!

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