Monday, June 4, 2012

Tips from the Kitchen: When are Fruits/Veg/Herbs in Season?

A huge misconception when buying fruits, vegetables or herbs is that they are available year round. Yes, you will be able to find them in the store, but they may not be at their freshest. Seeing as we're university students and still learning on how to buy the freshest groceries possible, we thought we'd give a quick run-down on buying fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Stumbled upon these amazingly helpful charts that displays which fruits/veg/herbs are in season:

via. Chasing Delicious
Tips for picking fruits: DON'T SQUEEZE THEM. This will tell you nothing about the quality but also damages it for the next person buying them. Instead, pick it up and feel the weight. The weight will normally indicate whether it is a dense, juicy fruit. The heavier the fruit, the juicier it is!

For citrus fruits: Most citrus fruits do NOT ripen once they are off the tree - what you buy is what you get. So, when picking fruits such as limes or lemons: the darker the colour, the sweeter. The lighter the colour, the more tart it will be.

via. Chasing Delicious
Next, for vegetables, pay attention to the smell. Most vegetables will have a strong, pungent smell (specific to the type of vegetable of course). So those with no smell may not be fresh or were picked too soon. As always, pay attention to the colour: bold colours > dull colours (which mean they are either unripe/underdeveloped)

via. Chasing Delicious
Lastly, for herbs you must trust both the sight and smell. Herbs that are a vibrant colour with a strong smell are often the healthiest. However, the best indicator is taste - don't be nervous to rip off a small leaf and taste it!

Great guide to have on hand whether your grocery shopping or baking! I'm slightly surprised that apples are not most in season during autumn (Hello, apple pies?!).

Hope this makes buying fruits, vegetables and herbs a little bit easier :)

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