Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rodney's Oyster House

After the oysters at Taste of Little Italy, we decided to go to an oyster house to fulfill our oyster craving :)!

469 King Street West
Toronto, ON
M5V 1K4

When you first walk in, you get a HUGE whiff of  ocean smell. The smell of oysters, yum.

Love the ambience of this restaurant

Main menu

Selection of Oysters

We are complete beginners when choosing oysters. Luckily, you can just give an amount of oysters that you want to get and Rodney's will compile a plate of oysters together for you. We asked for 20 and they came back with 4 types of oysters (5 of each).

Highly recommend this option as a lot of the oysters are quite similar (as we are taught by our waiter). For example, Lameque Cocktails are essentially the same thing as Lameque Vertes but are ever-so slightly smaller. A lot of people go to the trouble of trying to figure out which oysters to get, so I highly recommend just asking Rodney's to compile a plate for you :)

Complimentary pumpernickel bread

Ahh the ritual of eating an oyster.. the shucking of the oysters, the anointing of the sauces, and the final lift and tilt of the shells. Mmmm..

 5 each of Lameque Cocktail ($1.75),  R.O.D Princes ($2.53),
 Kusshi's ($1.97) and Chopper's ($3.48)

If you've never had fresh live oysters before, GO TRY THEM NOW. They are nothing like the cheese-topped baked oysters you may have tried. Fresh shucked oysters are like...tasting the ocean.

Freshness is the single most important factor. You need to get that fresh sea taste - there seriously is not enough reasons to let it sit and wait (and later baking them or cooking them). To get that delicious fresh ocean taste, the oyster's liquid must still be seawater, and the oyster alive and well :)

Got 4 more Lameque Cocktail oysters

Ever wonder why lemons are paired with oysters or seafood in general? The initial taste of an oyster is salinity. Oyster blood is basically seawater (more or less) so oysters take on the salinity of their environment.  Acidity cancels salty flavours (and vice versa) so a squeeze of lemon or a touch of vinaigrette will substantially reduce the impression of salt.

Many people like to straight swallow their oysters but I insist - CHEW. Truly enjoy this ocean gem.

Our whooping bill of nearly $70 (after tip) for just 29 oysters!
Our moment of zen was interrupted by our bill. $70 for oysters? Oh my. But totally worth it.
Rodney's, we will be back soon to try your other menu items but for now, our oyster craving has been satisfied :)

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