Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sogong-Dong Tofu House

Nothing better than a bubbling hot bowl of tofu stew to whisk away the -30 weather that Toronto is having!

Sogong-Dong Tofu House
Where: 3229 Highway 7 (First Markham Place, beside VIP Vietnamese Cuisine)
Price: $ (Dinner was $11.18, tax and tips included )

Upon ordering, you also get a choice of fish or salad. The fish is Korean-styled so a full deep fried fish with bones/head still intact. The salad is a typical salad that you would see at a sushi place.

Love the set up!!
A soon tofu is $8.99 and what is great about Sogong-Dong Tofu House is that they charge the same price regardless of what tofu stew you get. So yes, the seafood and the original are both $8.99!

The soon tofu comes with a huge bowl of purple rice and various dishes of ban chan appetizers that you can get refilled

Ban chan
 Combo dinners are also available which comes with Soon Tofu + Kalbi, Bulgogi or Bibimbap for $12.99 for lunch portion and $14.99 for a dinner portion.

Bubbling hot kimchi soon tofu ($8.99)
I prefer Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu over this restaurant but seeing as BCDST is so far, this place is a quick and close substitute!

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