Friday, March 21, 2014

Skotidakis Greek Yogurt Review

I absolutely love Greek Yogurt.. it's such a thick and decadent alternative to the regular watery yogurt. Before Greek yogurt, yogurt was either runny and very sweet or contained 20 calories. So when Greek yogurt blew up in Toronto, I searched high and low to find my favourite - which I can now confidently say is Skotidakis Yogurt.

Greek yogurts usually contain more fat than regular yogurt because Greeks are not afraid to include fat in their diet and actually embrace it. However, these healthy fats (also found in olives, nuts, feta and meat) contain much more nutrients than a non-fat yogurt and aids in nutrient absorption. The fats also do a good job slowing the sugar entering our blood stream and actually curb our hunger by releasing a hormone called cholecystokinin.

The unique thing about this yogurt is that it separates its fruit or whatever filling from the actual Greek yogurt which allows me to choose exactly how much goes in. How do you really use it? Well that's up to you! Some will take a small scoop of the topping and then eat it with the yogurt while others will pour the entire section into their yogurt and mix. It might sound gimmicky but I actually like being able to control how sweet (or not) my yogurt is. It's a simple extra step but it really makes a difference!

A fun fact: Skotidakis is actually made and the producer is located in Ontario! They use a traditional strained yogurt made of cow and goat milk. The end result is a very sweet and tangy yogurt - by far the most authentic Greek yogurt I've ever tasted.

The yogurt itself contains 12g of protein, 195 calories and, 11g of fat per every 150 g and is a significant source of calcium.

Skotidakis comes in a  variety of flavours such as:
Plain Greek Yogurt & Honey, Plain Greek Yogurt & Strawberry, Plain Greek Yogurt & Raspberry Cranberry.

Stotidakis is available for sale in Canada ( not sure about elsewhere yet..). I picked mine up from my local Costco.