Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Aka Teppan

If you've ever visited Hong Kong, then you've been to Pepper Lunch, a popular establishment. They specialize in hot sizzling plates! Similar to Pepper Lunch is Markham's Aka Teppan which features the same sizzling plate type of meal.

Aka Teppan
Where: 3235 Highway 7 East (First Markham Place), Markham
Price: $$ (Dinner for 2 with appetizer: $31, tax and tip included)
I read from other reviews that service was horrible but we were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as they were a new restaurant and were probably still working out the kinks in their system. Therefore, when I visited them over the weekend, I braced myself for bad service but I was pleasantly surprised. The service was fine! We didn't wait more than 10 minutes for food nor to get a seat (granted it was only just J and I).

Interior is pretty standard.. nothing special
Right off the bat, when you walk in a HUGE waft of delicious sizzling meat hits you - it is intoxicating.

There were quite a few tables who ordered the personal hot pot ($14.99). They include meat, some seafood and you can add a bowl of noodles on top of that. It was a pretty large tray and most people shared!

Chef's Special One-Bone Chicken Wing ($5.99)
For our appetizers we got the Chef's Special One-Bone Chicken Wing which were delicious but believe it or not, they were harder to eat then regular chicken wings! The bones were shattered inside the chicken wing so we would be pulling small bits of bones out while eating : /. Otherwise, the flavour was quite good and I do love a crispy chicken wing =)

Aka Teppan Mantra

Chicken Tom Yum Pasta ($9.50)
To be honest, I'm not quite sure why the pasta is so more expensive than the rice.. This dish was pretty good - the tom yum flavour comes on pretty strong which I loved.

Supreme Beef Rice ($8.99)
This was the real winner of the meal though. There is actually a sauce (similar to teriyaki) inside the rice ball as well as a garlic herb butter inside. Mixed all together, it was so good. The best was when the rice crisps with the sauce at the bottom of the sizzling plate *_*

I would definitely go back to try more dishes (personal hotpot!) because I personally have not yet had a bad experience (we'll talk when it happens). Check them out :)

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