Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beard Papa's

Known as one of the World's Top Cream Puffs, Beard Papa's has extended from its home base of Japan all the way to us in North America.

4300 Steeles Ave East (2nd Floor, Unit 9 & 10)
Markham, ON
L3R 0N8

Situated in a corner on the second floor of Pacific Mall, Beard Papa's is definitely easy to miss - I almost didn't see it at first!!

Other baked goods

After they're baked, they are placed in to the bin before moving to the next step

Next, vanilla cream puffs get the icing sugar & green tea cream puffs get the green tea powder sprinkled on top!

Lastly...Where the magic happens! Three different fillings
For that particular day, they had the infamous vanilla filling, green tea and strawberry filling.

I ended up only buying their original Vanilla Cream Puff ($1.99).. Even only buying one cream puff, I had to wait a good 5- 10 minutes!

Vanilla Cream Puff ($1.99)
You can actually see specks of vanilla in there!

Quite pricey though, at $2.25 per cream puff.

Definitely have to commend them.. For a franchise, they make some pretty dang good cream puffs! The cream in the certain is not at all heavy or overly sweet. I think the actual cream puff pastry is the winner though - perfect contrast between the pastry and the actual cream. The pastry was lighter than I expected, you could definitely eat a few without feeling to stuffed

Another notable mention, as we were waiting I read some of their advertisement boards.. It's clear they focus their advertising on the following :

(1) They do not use any preservatives
(2) Puffs are baked and not fried
(3) The shells are made of soft French "choux" while the outside layer is made of a pie crust hence creating a proprietary double layer.

However, I have heard mixed reviews of people getting rather runny/watery fillings.. I was lucky that I got a nice, thick filling that day... Perhaps they are becoming more consistent?

Will definitely be back here again the next time I visit Pacific Mall!

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