Monday, February 27, 2012


A little pricey, but the large size and flavourful fillings make it worth it :) Visited this place on Sunday so their selection was pretty limited. Amazing, amazing place for macarons!

WHERE: 4 Manor Road East
M4S 1P8
Price: $$

I have recently decided to go on a journey for my favourite place for macarons in Toronto :) Started off with La Noisette in the GTA region. Next stop: La Bamboche!

They have 2 locations: we went to the Manor location !
Cute little boutique-like bakery. Patio outside for summer!
Unfortunately, could not take any pictures inside. But took one off yelp:

Very small in size. But simple and cozy :)
Pine wood tables, counters, chairs etc =)

The macarons are quite expensive here.. $2.75 for one (in comparison to the typical $1.75 for one)
But I still ended up getting 6 :) Aside from the typical flavours, they also showcase a "mystery flavour" every day which I thought was a neat idea!

The bakery also sells other various Japanese-inspired cakes, quiche, croissants and more
Got a huge paper bag just for 6 macarons
Here's the best part.. unravelling these beautiful, delicate pieces of heaven !! The process of opening them up.. ahh the anticipation makes it all the more worth it!

Box of macarons
My god. My heart stops everytime I see these :). They're beautiful :')

From top left going clockwise: chocolate mint, espresso, mango green tea salted caramel, lavender, strawberry champagne

Now for the review of the macarons: For the price of $2.75, you can't expect anything less than the best. And these were definitely up to par. The size of the macarons also helped you feel better about the extra dollar you spent:

Pretty big!!

There were no losers in this box of macarons - the mango green tea has a strong green tea flavour with a hint of tart mango in the aftertaste; the salted caramel buttercream filling was amazingly rich and had a creamy smooth texture; the strawberry champagne was so strongly of strawberry flavour you would have been surprised that you weren't eaten a real one! 

The real winner were the lavender and espresso for me. Taking a bite into the espresso macaron was like drinking coffee - it had a ridiculously strong coffee taste which I loved. The lavender was also heavily scented and strongly flavoured. Despite the strong flavour of lavender, it was never overwhelming or heavy!

I will definitely be back.. the macarons are.. WOW. Crunchy outer coating, leading to a luscious center that just bursts with flavour. Grab them early in the day because customers scoop them up and buy them by the fozen. Literally.

You're welcome

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  1. The green tea mango is my all-time favourite :) I still have to try La Noisette!

    1. La Noisette cannot even begin to compare with these big boy patisseries! Thanks for stopping by here btw :) I am a huge fan of your blog !!


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