Friday, February 24, 2012


In celebration of my friends' birthday he decided to go to The Bier Markt. The name says it all with its selection of over 100 different types of beer. The food is quite typical to any fine dining restaurant (steak, veal, tuna) and such. In my opinion, the mussels were the best part of my meal at Bier Markt. The atmosphere was great and the waiter was very attentive and welcoming.

Where: Shops at Don Mills
7 O'neill Road
Toronto, ON
M3C 0H2
Price: $$

The Fruili Strawberry Beer is a very sweet beer and you can't go wrong with this beer! It tastes of (you guessed it) strawberries, the end taste has a note of bitterness to it which evens the sweetness out - very light and easy to drink.

1/2 kilo of mussels ($13)

We got 4 different mussel dishes to share! Each dish was AMAZING:
Provencale (Tomato)
Congo (Red Thai Curry) *FAVOURITE* : D
Bengal (Yellow Curry)
Porto Fino (Chillies)

1/2 kilo ($13)
1 kilo ($21)

Fresh warm and soft bread to go with the remaining sauce in the mussel dish :) The sauce was so good we had to ask multiple times for bread to dip into the mussel sauce 

Ahi Tuna Liegoise ($26)

My mouth was watering as soon as this dish was served to me. The presentation itself is just amazing. It tastes even better than it looks!! There wasn't anything really special about the haricots or potatoes, but the tuna made up for the rest. To keep things simple, the tuna is seared on the outside but the middle remains raw. As you can tell from the pictures, there is an obvious contrast from the seared part and the raw part - this was done very well. I definitely recommend this dish.

T-Bone Burger ($24)
This burger is great, but there isn't anything special about it. It's your typical burger

Veal Francese ($23)

The veal wasn't that good.. Compared to other things on the menu you can get for this price, definitely not worth it..very average and nothing spectacular

40 oz. Bone-In Rib Steak for Two ($76)
This is one beast steak... It took awhile for it to come out of the kitchen, but there's an obvious reason why. This steak was amazing. Very tender and juicy and cooked just the way my friend wanted it.

Overall, the dinner was very satisfying.. I'll definitely be back here just to try their huge huge selection of beer (and have another dish of mussels!!) The restaurant gets packed pretty quickly though, so I suggest you make a reservation or come early!

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