Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Forgive me if we're wrong about this place...we saw many many good reviews so we came here with high hopes. But we were extremely disappointed.. Bring back Takebashi!!

Where: 505 Highway 7 East
Thornhill, ON
L3T 7P9
905 882 1188

J and I loved the old ramen house that used to be here (Takabashi). In lieu of it all, we decided to try this place. J didn't like it the first time but decided to give it a second chance (Even Globe and Mail had a positive review on it!!). Sadly this was not much of a better comeback. 

The interior has not changed much from its Takabashi days.. just simple chairs and tables everywhere.

One noticeable change is that they have changed the cute little Japanese wall dividers into a memoir of people who have eaten there:

People wrote messages of love for the restaurant. Funny thing is one square had "I miss MSG" written in it, haha!
Guess not everyone is happy with the "au-naturel" mantra of Jyuban
Their business card doubles as their chopsticks holder!!

On to the food..
I ordered the pork bone (Tonkotsu) soup based noodles. It wasn't bad. portion was a bit small, but the pork bone that they gave was pretty good.

Tonkotsu Noodles (9.75)
J got the soft pork bone noodle ($8.50)
Grilled Soft Pork Bone ($6.00)
We were disappointed because (although we try to stay as healthy as possible), the soup had little to no taste! I found myself using the flavourings they used at the table..

Cool spoons!
Smart.. because I always drop my spoon into the soup bowl..

All in all though, I don't think we will be coming back here very often. It's expensive for the portion they give.. and their flavour is lacking quite a bit!!

Sorry Jyuban, but this does not get our seal of approval :(

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