Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Duo Patisserie & Cafe

Recently opened in Richmond Hill is Duo Patisserie and Cafe. The story behind the name of the patisserie is heart warming: the two owners, Rocky & Eric have been best friends since they were 6 years old and this cafe is a celebration of the duo. 

Duo Patisserie & Cafe
Where: 230 Commerce Valley Dr E (Unit 4) Markham, ON 
Price: $
Duality also comes into play with the food and drinks: Eric is the patissier while Rocky mans the coffee. Speaking of coffee, their coffee is ordered in weekly and grinded in-store. 

Upon entering the store, the two have done an incredible job cleaning up the place: white walls, blond wood and sleek grey floors. Incredibly clean and modern looking.

They have many pastries available such as plain croissants, pains au chocolat, almond croissant, apple croissants, ham and cheese croissants, and something called a "8", one version which had lightly bruleed vanilla custard and the other with berries. There's several flavours of macarons and a selection of pretty little cakes, including a Mont Blanc.

We got the plain croissant, almond croissant, apple tart, the 8, a Mont Blanc and an Oolong macaron, passionfruit chocolate macaron, lemon tart and pistache to share.

Hands down the oolong macaron ($2.50) was one of our favourites. Perfect ratio of filling to exterior, and the oolong flavour is very prominent which we appreciated.

The plain croissant ($2.50) was buttery and flaky with a crusty exterior that collapsed into a light, fluffy inside. One of the best croissants I've had - no exaggeration. The almond croissant ($3.00) and 8 ($2.75) were also among my favourites - not too sweet and perfectly flaky and MAN, that almond filling in the croissant is to die for.

Mont Blanc ($7.00)

The Mont Blanc ($7.00) was a little too sweet for my liking but execution wise was very good. The apple croissant ($3.00) was a little underwhelming and there was nothing special about it (would not order again) although I was very impressed with the uber thin apple slices on top. It was really pretty! 

Pistache ($7)
The Pistache ($7.00) is a definitely a hit for J. The shortbread crust adds a great crunchy texture to the light pistachio filling inside. This dessert has a light pistachio cream which is not too overwhelming and topped with raspberries to give it that fruity kick. BTW - each raspberry is filled with a jam and the bottom of the dessert is also filled with a thin layer of raspberry jam! If you are looking for something that is not as sweet as the popular Mont Blanc, the Pistache is a great option.

All our goodies :D

The variety in selection available at Duo is definitely worth noting. Each dessert has its own unique flavor, look, and enjoyment.

Lemon Tart ($4)
The Lemon Tart ($4.00) is very tart and refreshing in comparison to all the other desserts, but that is why we absolutely love it. The balance of shortbread to lemon curd is perfect. The presentation is nothing too fancy like the Mont Blanc or Pistache, but don't let the looks discourage you from trying this delicious treat!  

Based on this first visit to Duo, I'm very pleased with the pastries. A nice addition to Richmond Hill. Be warned that they do price their pastries at downtown-Toronto pricing (ie. a little more $$$!) but I'm fine with paying more for something that is better quality and hey, at least we don't have to go downtown now!

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