Monday, November 24, 2014

CJ PLAYS: LockQuest (Media Preview)

We would like to thank the hosts from LockQuest for inviting us out for a media preview. Please note that this is not a paid promotion and all opinions are our own. LockQuest is the newest escape location and we were quite impressed! They take the word 'theme' and immerse you into the story of the room and as always, we promise - no spoilers!

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Our New Visit:
Address: 1204a Yonge Street (Yonge & Summerhill)
Phone: 416-781-0281
Price: Standard admission $28 plus HST per player
In a snapshot: Thematic, multiple rooms in one escape mission, immerse experience

Cool way to showcase your players!
It is a bit difficult to find the entrance to the location so if anyone is looking to try out LockQuest, keep in mind that it is next to a barber shop.To begin, we have to mention our gracious game hosts; they are enthusiastic, passionate, and make you feel excited to be there.

The room we did was called 'Escape the Book Club Killer' - their first and only room, thus far. In this escape room, you can fit up to 12 players! What we really enjoyed about this theme is that many escape locations name their thematic rooms as Egypt, Satan's lair, etc. but when you walk into the room, it is a room that is barely meeting the theme name. In regards to LockQuest, they understand that their thematic setting is in a bedroom / living room, so it was exactly as we had expected the room to look like when we entered which was great. They know the setting they are working with and they are not trying to become a totally different theme. Much appreciated and to be honest, it was quite refreshing NOT to be breaking out of another prison.

Not an extensive amount of technology/gadgets were involved with the room (although there definitely are some neat gizmos in there!!) but the story line was consistent throughout. Everything in the rooms are relevant to solving the underlying problem to escape and all the tools involved have a great flow, direction, and make sense as to why it is placed in the room. Speaking of technology, we realize how many escape locations focus solely on providing technology whether it's automation, touch pads, lasers, etc and its only a strong complementary part of a good escape game puzzle. Quality of puzzles should not be sacrificed with techno gadgets and LockQuest has done a superb job in proving this point.

Another aspect definitely worth mentioning was how the game hosts provided hints for your team. Since you will be the only team in that room, they will constantly monitor your progress and provide well timed hints to your team. You will never feel frustrated or stuck on a certain puzzle. In addition, the way the game hosts provide hints was absolutely on point with the theme of the room (we wish we could say more, but we can't ruin how awesome it is).

We were on the right track to escaping the room, but unfortunately we were unable to escape. Before leaving the facility, the game hosts showcase a really creative way to display our results from the room.

Did you escape? No

Would you recommend? Definitely! The types of puzzles and overall flow of the puzzles kept us interested and on our feet. Would visit again in a heart beat.

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  1. I have never done an escape room before. I am worried I will have an anxiety attack, is this possible for someone who has mild anxiety?


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