Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CJ PLAYS: Escape Places! Part 2

We're back at it again! Hitting up some escape places in Toronto :) If you haven't seen our first post, check it out here. It dives into more detail on the different escape games around Toronto.

There have a been a few new escape games opening so we decided to take a crack at the puzzles and revisiting old favorites. Here's part two into our journey through escape games. (We promise - no spoilers!)

CJ Plays: Escape Places Part 1

CJ Plays: LockQuest (Media preview)

Our New Visits:
Trapped Toronto
Address: 3130 Hwy 7 East, Markham, L3R 5A1 (Across Burger King)
Phone: 905-940-6500
Price: Standard admission $28 per player
In a snapshot: Thematic, multiple rooms in one escape mission, membership card available

Escaped the Contaminated Hospital!

Trapped Toronto opened a few weeks ago and we decided to try it out as they boasted to be the 'biggest' real life escape game. Although that promise certainly fell short, the experience from start to finish was only adequate. Staff are friendly and welcoming but the rooms were nothing special. The room we escaped was the contaminated hospital. You will be escorted into the room in a blind fold to get you set up (don't worry, you don't complete the puzzle like that). The puzzles were fair although the flow of the room is somewhat unclear.

Good thing we had two hints to use! Many of these escape rooms give participants walkie-talkies to ask for help. With all the loud background music, we found it very difficult trying to listen to what they had to say. At other locations, the staff physically come in to give us the hint, saving us time and headaches for both parties. We went back and forth for a good 5 minutes just on hints which cut into our escape time.

Second concern we had was that they boasted to be the BIGGEST real life escape game - which they certainly were not. Even the smallest room at Escape Games was larger than theirs. Last concern was that they strongly emphasized a 5D experience which basically means human interaction with the puzzle. This emphasis confused us as this is basically what happens in every escape game...

That being said, we would still give this place the benefit of the doubt and try again; they recommend the Ancient Pyramid for our next visit.

Did you escape? Yes

Would you recommend? They have a grand opening promotion right now so we would suggest to go while it lasts. We do not recommend the Contaminated Hospital room as there was nothing special about the puzzles or production.

Address: 5927 Yonge Street, Suite 205
Phone: 416-519-8096
Monday - Thursday: $20 per person (tax included)
Friday - Sunday: $25 per person (tax included)
In a snapshot: one multiple room, two single rooms

Did not escape the 'Abandoned' room!
iEscaped is another brand new escape location. The interior is designed fairly well and the staff are friendly and welcoming. We decided to try out the 'Abandoned' room. There are two rooms and your group will be split into two rooms, one having a microphone to communicate to the other. The puzzles are somewhat fair and the room definitely lacked flow between the puzzles. However, the main issue are the number of puzzles placed into the room that you have to solve in a 45 minute time frame. The owners mentioned they had beta testers provide feedback, but based on our experience it seems as if the room was not thoroughly tested. Many of the puzzles did not flow and there was absolutely no way to connect Point A to Point B. In fact, they gave us an extra 40 minutes and unlimited hints and we still were not close to being finished

We may or may not come back to try the other rooms, but as of today there are better options.

Did you escape? No

Would you recommend? No. Wait until more people have reviewed this location to see any improvement.

Our Revisited:
Escape Games
Address: 11 Kodiak Crescent, Toronto, ON (5 Minute Walk from Downsview Station)
Phone: 416-633-6868
Walk-In & Pre-Booked Missions
Regular Pricing Tuesday - Thursday:               $20 per person
Regular Pricing Friday - Sunday:                       $22 per person
Multi-Pass (Same Day Use)
Tuesday - Thursday (2 Missions):                     $35 per person
Friday - Sunday (2 Missions):                             $40 per person
* For more details on their rates, check out their website.
In a snapshot: Thematic, technological, (really) large rooms, multiple rooms in one escape mission, board games available

If you have seen our previous review on Escape Games, then you know that we have loved all the games at this location. With their new room 'End of the Line', this promise continues to deliver. This theme focuses on a subway line where you chase someone who has kidnapped a girl through a subway line. BE WARNED, this room is really spooky - in fact there were many times we were scared. The overall design of the room is phenomenal, you feel as though you are entering through the subway, diving deeper into the secrets of this mystery. In terms of difficulty, I would compare it to the Diamond room that they have.  

Thumbs up to the Escape Games team for showing their dedication into building these quality rooms. The production value is the best we have seen so far and we eagerly waiting for the next room.. The Haunting of Noriko; their Halloween themed room focused on scaring the **** out of you. Escape Games remains on top as the largest and leading escape room facility. 

Did you escape? Yes

Would you recommend? Definitely!

Prison Breakers
Address: 4394 Steeles Ave E, Unit D222
Phone: 905-604-0656
Price: Standard admission $20 per player (cash only)
In a snapshot: Thematic, single rooms
1st Place for Poker Face!

We came back to Prison Breakers to try out their new room Poker Face. This room is bigger than Cold Case and it was very straightforward in terms of their puzzles and flow. It was a lot more enjoyable than the Cold Case room probably because there was actually light! We would definitely recommend this room for beginners. The owners have full-time jobs so make sure you contact them ahead of time if you plan on testing out their rooms.

Did you escape? Yes

Would you recommend? Yes


  1. Do you work for Escape Games?

  2. Have you tried Real Escape Games' Volume Two: Escape From the Time Trial Lab or one of the games at Omescape? Those places, along with Escape Games are probably the top three that I have done so far. You can find the reviews I have done of those places, and some others, here http://escapegamestoronto.ca/


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