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French for 'hazelnut', La Noisette (pronounced 'nwah-zeht') is a Markham-based bakery aiming to provide  fresh and creative cakes, desserts and pastries.

Where: 2300 John Street, Unit 2B
(John Street and Leslie Street)
Thornhill, ON
L3T 6G7
Price: $

The interior is beautifully designed - very modern but a touch of cottage-y feeling with the big stone columns!

Selection of pastries
Normally I come here for the macarons only. They have been my favourite thus far! A lot of people love Louis XIV macarons but personally I think they taste a little bit like shampoo... indescribably artificial.. and very very sweet. I love La Noisette macarons because not only are they huge, but they don't give off the heavy artificial flavouring that I get from Ruelo. The only problem I do get is that their buttercream filling is a bit heavy.

Surprised J with these pastries for Vday!
From top left: Chocolate Eclair, Seville Bomb, Lemon Cheesecake Bomb, Raspberry Ganache Tart, Macarons (Chocolate, Lemon). Sadly I forget the name of the last one!

My favourite would definitely have to be the Chocolate Eclair, Seville Bomb and the Lemon Cheesecake Bomb. They are very detailed with their work and it definitely comes across. The pictures on their website also match what you get in person, which I find entertaining. The pastry at the bottom right hand corner (its name escapes me at the moment) is my father's favourite. It is chocolate, raisins, cranberries and slivered almonds in a candied form. You would expect it to taste overly sweet but its deliciously perfect. Not too sweet or overly crunchy either!

La Noisette also doubles as a cafe - boards of daily specials of French Onion soup, croissants and other light lunch selections are scattered around the bakery. Everytime I come, it seems like people are always eating a lunch selection! Hmm, will have to give it a try!!

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