Thursday, January 12, 2012


Stumbled across this restaurant when we were eating with J's family at Chili Secrets, an oriental restaurant next door!

9021 Leslie St  Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0B2
(905) 881-9500
Price: $$

The atmosphere is great – usually Japanese restaurants (the ones with amazingly fresh quality fish) are quite shabby (think the old Gal’s Sushi .. or Kim’s Ichiban or Sapporo Sushi) but Inatei actually offers a little of both worlds ! The restaurant is beautifully modern - but with noticeable Japanese elements.
Cute table setup with our salad and miso soup

All the tables are so cute =, they come with a bamboo place mat and a little teapot for soya sauce

Soya Sauce Teapot :)
We were really craving ramen that day so we both ordered a bowl of noodles from the lunch combo menu. I got the tempura ramen while J got the pork bone soup ramen. Both come with miso soup, salad, dessert and a choice between a maki roll or hand roll. The options they give you for the maki and handroll are very limited (Salmon, Tamago (sweet egg), tuna, crab, california roll) Substitutions are $1 more so I took that offer up and upsized mine to a spicy salmon maki (my fav!!)

The miso soup was standard – nothing to write home about , jus standard miso soup. However it did have mushrooms in it !

But let’s move on to the salad. Now, I love Japanese salad for their dressing. But there’s something about Inatei’s dressing that blows me away. It’s absolutely delicious – sweet and a bit tangy and just so so flavourful. Its by far my favourite place for Japanese salad.

We’ve come here a couple of times a while back and its definitely safe to say that the portions have decreased substantially..

My noodles with J in the back

There was around 4-5 pieces.. this was taken after I ate them haha :D
My tempura noodles
J's horrible at taking pictures :P This was pork bone soup. It's funny because I actually liked his soup base better but he liked mine!!
My spicy salmon handroll.... Absolutely delicious and completely worth the mere $1 switch

J's salmon maki - pretty standard: moderate portions of rice and salmon. The salmon was very fresh!!

My favourite part of the meal though was dessert. Inatei always gives you a little dessert shot at the end of your meal. Over the past visits, I’ve had mango pudding and blueberry pudding but this time I got a lychee pudding. Now if you’re thinking about the snack-pack, supermarket pudding that has a hard, almost jello-like consistency, then you absolutely have you to try Inatei’s puddings. They’re soft and literally melt in your mouth (think Guu’s almond tofu). They’re an orgasm in your mouth, I kid you not.
This time around we got lychee pudding which actually had a real lychee at the bottom of the cup!!

Lychee pudding dessert shot
Blueberry pudding dessert shot

I wanted the Earl Gray Tea Pudding because from what I hear, it’s absolutely amazing. But, of course fate would have it that they didn't have any prepared that day L

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and we definitely plan on coming back here some time in the near future :) Inatei is easily one of the better Japanese restaurants in the area - albeit a bit pricier as well!!

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