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Green Lemon Grass - South East Asian Cuisine

Although I'm huge on decor and design, I can deeply appreciate a restaurant that doesn't focus much on decor but on what they serve instead. What am I talking about? I'm talking about local restaurants that have no affiliation to big chain restaurants and simply serve a solid meal. And this is exactly what Green Lemon Grass is

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9425 Leslie Street, Unit 8 (Leslie and 16th Avenue)
Richmond Hill
L4B 3N8
905 508 5328

Let me begin by saying that this place is pretty shabby. It's pretty dingy: uncomfortable chairs, old tables and a TV propped up at the back playing Chinese soaps. Their decor isn't exactly impressive, but if you're looking for a filling quality food meal, then this is a great place :) As the name suggests (South East Asian Cuisine), it does well to perfectly fuse Vietnamese, Singaporean and Malaysian food together.

Don't judge a book by its cover!

You can actually peer into the kitchen and see them make your meal.

Their menu is pretty long and extensive!

I always just get a small House Special Noodle ($6.95)
This is basically pho noodles with beef tripe, tendons, beefballs and beef.

Pretty large bowl considering I ordered a size small!

Close up of the delicious-ness that is my meal. They don't cheap out on the beef either!

I always like to eat my pho noodles with oyster sauce and sriracha hot sauce. But I don't like my soup changing flavours - J taught me this method where you squirt a little oyster sauce and a little hot sauce into your spoon. This way you get the two sauces, but maintain the original flavour of the soup!

Oyster Sauce in spoon with my noodles

As for my sister, she ordered the Tom Yum Gong Noodle Soup ($6.95). I only thought this was okay.. I usually love the sour taste in Tom Yum soup so this was a little bit disappointing. To me it just tasted like my bowl of noodle but spicy!
Tom Yum Gong Noodle Soup ($6.95)

My father got the beef brisket curry ($7.25). You can get curry with roti instead at a more expensive price ($11~$12) Their roti is the best I've ever had! The smell, first of all will probably making you salivate on cue. But its the texture how its perfectly crispy yet chewy at the same time. It also doesn't get soggy from the curry so it's absolutely delicious. Although I didn't get it this time, I will definitely add pictures the next time I get it!

Lastly, my brother got the vermicelli, which in this case, is a dry noodle that comes with cucumbers, lettuce and other greens as well as a sweet sauce that you pour on top. He chose the chicken and spring roll vermicelli ($7.25)

Chicken and Spring Roll Vermicelli ($7.25)
I love this noodle when on a summer day. It's so refreshing because it's cold! The contrast of the hot, crispy Vietnamese spring roll with the cool soft noodles is so fitting and complement each other perfect. This dish is actually my favourite next to the customary

While I do love other Pho restaurants, for some reason my family always ends up coming back here! Great place for a quick and delicious meal!!

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