Monday, July 20, 2015

Home of the Brave

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We FINALLY got around to visiting the Home of the Brave (HOTB). Located upstairs at the corner of King Street West and Portland Street (right above Lou Dawg's!), it is quite accessible by public transit - which we recommend because parking will not be easy to find. Along with a plethora of raving reviews, this restaurant caught our eyes a while ago with a photo of their Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich. We went in with very high expectations and weren't disappointed!

Home of the Brave
Where: 589 King Street West, Toronto, ON (Upstairs!)
Price: $$$

The space itself is not too large but HOTB was able to make very good use of the space with lots of bar seats for smaller parties, and large tables for groups. Their windows open out so it feels like you're eating on the patio.. sort of :) We didn't get to order too many things as it was just the two of us but all the menu items we ordered were delicious and were certainly classic American comfort food with a creative twist, as they advertise!

The Buffalo Cauliflower ($8) was hands down our favourite and indeed makes a great appetizer with the right amount of sauce. We were so impressed how closely the batter stuck into the cauliflower - no air pockets and the batter didn't fall off at all. Now that takes skills! Nicely battered and fried, the batter was not greasy at all and the buffalo sauce was the absolute perfect . It was served with a side of ranch and hot sauce which complimented the cauliflower well. We were a HUGE fan of this dish and crave the cauliflower all the time now.

Chicken and Waffles ($16) were... mediocre. The chicken was quite dry, the waffles were a little cold, and the dish was ridiculously sweet. I mean, we get it, it's chicken and waffles with syrup so I expect it to be sweet, but we felt like it was a tad TOO sweet? Our favourite waffles are hands-down the waffles from Hoof Cafe which had a little flavour of everything from sweet, to salty to spicy, but sadly they are now closed :(

And then... the whole reason we came to HOTB to begin with: The Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich ($13)! It definitely brought expected awe to tables as groups pretended to "shake" the chicken foot before indulging on this succulent and juicy piece of meat that is deep-fried to perfection and topped with spicy buffalo hot sauce, mayo and iceberg lettuce. Loved this dish although when I tried to eat the chicken food (hey, we're Asian and chicken feet are a delicacy!), it was just texturally confusing and a little revolting - the gelatinous texture did not work well deep fried.

To finish it all off, we got some of their Sweet Jesus Ice Cream (Coconut Key Lime Pie!) and I'm definitely a Sweet Jesus believer now. It's got just the right amount of creamy, with a refreshing citrus undertone that'll have you licking your lips! $4 a pop for Chocolate, Vanilla, or a twist.I can NOT wait for the new location at John Street to open!

We did find the music to be a tad on the loud side but HOTB is definitely a fun and casual spot to enjoy good food with great company. We will gladly be returning again!

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