Monday, July 6, 2015

CJ PLAYS: Archery District

Archery District recently opened at Eglinton & Birchmount and definitely brings a new activity to Toronto. They specialize in "archery tag" which is basically an archery-dodgeball crossover. We visited them around 5 days after they opened and therefore, we realize many things may change since this review. We had really high hopes for this place but unfortunately it just didn't deliver for us.

Archery District

Where: 770 Birchmount Road, Unit 22,
Toronto ON
M1K 5H3
Price: $$$ ($30 per person)

When you first enter the facility you will see an area for you to practice prior to entering the arena. They provided a very good briefing but unfortunately what you practice is not very similar to what happens once you are in the arena mostly because you are running around trying to reload your arrow haha.
Quick guide on how to play Archery Tag

Target practice
After signing your waiver forms, the game host will teach you the basics of holding and firing the bow and arrow. We would recommend wearing long sleeves as the string could do some damage if you don't have the right form. Two of our friends left with huge slashes on their arm.

We booked under a group of 8 people and we were all extremely excited but when we left we realized we were only....satisfied. It was fun but nothing awed us nor were the games exciting enough for us to come back again. Secondly, the game plays were basic. It would have been nice to see different variety of games BUT then again, during the time of our visit, they had JUST opened. We hope to see some creativity come from the owners when designing new game modes in the following months.

Lastly, it is a bit pricey for the quality you receive. It is $28 for 5 minutes of practice and 55 minutes of game play. Our scheduled time went by really quick right when I was just getting warmed up. The price justifies a one time trip to the facility. Not to mention, the facility is extremely far (we reside in Richmond Hill) for us so it is a hassle for us to get there. In saying all of that - it was lots of fun but I wouldn't return for a second time unless one of my friends was hosting a birthday party here or the price point changes. Too far and too pricey for what you get.

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