Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Copa Cabana by Sea


If you're looking for something new to try in the Financial District, Little Fin is the place to go. Service was amazing (shout out to Jaden who walked to each table and serviced every customer).
My friend and I opted for the small and large lobster poutine, $12 and $16 respectively. Our orders took quite some time to get ready but to be fair, it was quite busy.

Copa By Sea
Where: 230 Adelaide St W., Toronto, ON
Price: $$$

We recommend trying everything on the menu... except sushi!
The only reason we wouldn't recommend sushi is because it will fill you quickly. The waiter told us to make most of the rest of the menu as well, and it was worth it.

The restaurant is underground makes you feel like you're underwater

Tuna Ceviche
The Tuna Ceviche is phenomenal. A small, but delightful dish with fresh pieces of watermelon to complement the tuna. We ordered a lot of these.

Salmon and Tuna Carpacchio
Like the Tuna Ceviche, this small dish packs a punch and we ended up ordering countless amounts of this.

Soba Noodle Salad
The soba noodle salad had a nice clean touch to our meal. After eating a ton of seafood, the salad is the perfect counter before you dive back into the mountains of seafood.

Lobster & Shrimp Mac 'n' Cheese
We were most excited about this side, but unfortunately fell a little short. There wasn't as much flavor or cheesiness as we had hoped. This dish ended up being more of a filler.

Oysters are limited to four shells per person. Don't even hesitate, it's a must order.

Mahi Mahi Tandoori
Waiters walk around with rodizio and you simply say yes or no when they offer it to your table. Feel free to ask for as many pieces, but we recommend trying everything before committing to one rodizio. The buttermilk ribeye and black cod were on another level. They were simply amazing. Literally, they melt in your mouth. The black cod is limited to four pieces per person, but there isn't a limit on the buttermilk ribeye so go all out!

Crab Legs & Shrimp
Along with waiters walking around with rodizio, Copa by Sea boasts a seafood bar with unlimited amounts of shrimp and crab legs. In the photo, you can see the chef left a cut in the crab leg making it super easy to rip open and eat.

Grilled Pineapple & Grilled Banana

A super sweet and light way to end the night with a pair of grilled pineapple and banana. 

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