Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine

I always crave Taiwanese food and now I can finally satisfy that craving! 

Mama Bear Taiwanese Cuisine
Where: 324 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill, ON
Price: $

The interior is surprisingly clean albeit not very comfortable as it is quite small and squishy. The service, which I was pleasantly surprised about, was super friendly (and they speak both Mandarin and English). We kept having changes in our party number and they were extremely accommodating. 

Like many of the other reviews say, there is an underlying smell of stinky tofu. I don't mind this one bit - in fact, I don't even find stinky tofu..stinky! However, my friends and boyfriend didn't enjoy the smell but were able to put up with it. 

TAIWANESE GREEN ONION PANCAKE WITH EGG & PORK FLOSS - Made perfectly but it was a bit bland, in my opinion.

POPCORN CHICKEN - My ultimate favourite Taiwanese snack.. popcorn chicken. I could eat this day and night and never get tired of it. Mama Bear definitely did it justice - it wasn't too salty and was perfectly crisp with moist and tender chicken on the inside. Would order again for sure!

Stinky Tofu ($8)
STINKY TOFU ($8 for large size) - To be honest, this was a little weak for me. The ones they sell at night market are stronger in smell and taste but this could be because they are trying to entice new customers to try stinky tofu? 

TAIWANESE COLD NOODLES ($7) - very refreshing although it really was just peanut sauce with noodles. I could have made this at home but I would still recommend others to try it !!

TAIWANESE FRIED RICE NOODLE - SOOO good but this is a very typical dish that can be found elsewhere. What I like about how Mama Bear makes it is that the noodles stay springy and don't get soggy!

SPICY BEEF NOODLE WITH TENDON ($9) - My parents are huuuuge fans of this dish and could eat this every day. We got the thick noodles. The beef and soup were both great!

DINNER BENTO BOX - POPCORN CHICKEN ($8) - Quite worth the price! You get a lot of food and I could not even finish my box.

All in all, a great place to satisfy your Taiwanese food. The prices are affordable. I urge you to go ahead of time because the line ups can get craaaazy! (Just another testament to how they are becoming a fast local favourite!)

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