Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kekou Gelato House

Soursop & Durian Gelato
Medium $4.25
Kekou Gelato House
Where: 13 Baldwin Street
Price: $
Small $3.75, Medium $4.25, Large $4.75

Kekou Gelato House is a small gelateria in Baldwin Village that serves up Asian gelato. Yes, you read right.. it's Asian-inspired gelato.

Their gelato is made like any other gelato, using the same processes but the ingredients are a whole different story. In fact, they make their gelato in house with real natural ingredients and man does it taste authentic. Kekou boasts Asian-inspired flavours such as Vietnamese coffee, milk tea and even my absolute favourite (don't kill me) durian!

The space is an open and well lit area and the staff are super friendly and patient as I choose what flavour to get. Samples are encouraged and you'll want to sample due to their creative flavours. For the less adventurous, there are plain vanilla  lotus and red bean chocolate.

I didn't expect such natural flavours considering they offered so many different types but MAN, that durian was absolutely to die for. I could easily eat a tub of that - and you can if you want. Kekou sells their gelato by the tub ($7.50-$12.50)

It hasn't been long since my visit and I'm already making plans to go back - check them out!

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