Monday, May 14, 2012


A surprisingly large cafe that specializes in gelata! They also have a pretty extensive (and cheap!) breakfast and lunch menu

Where: 120 King Street South
Waterloo, ON
N2J 1N9
Price: $

Extremely spacious interior
There's even a second level!

Delicious gelata
When we were there they had the standard flavours such as coffee, lemon, mango, vanilla, etc. But also had unique flavours such as blackforest cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake and seasoned walnuts (which had oregano and rosemary!)

Piccolo size - $5.50 (2 flavours)

Gelato prices
They also have an extensive lunch and breakfast menu - some items that stood out were paninis for $5 and a grilled cheese for a mere $3! Have yet to try their food :)

Interior has lots of comfy furniture..and there's free wi-fi!

Beautiful day!
Right next to Waterloo Square, so very accessible - great place for a relaxing summer day :) 

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