Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Petite Thuet

Always in search for the next best macaron, I decided to try Petite Thuet, owned by acclaimed chef Marc Thuet (pronounced 'Too-it'). It was a nice quaint place - great for an afternoon snack and a nice place to quickly recuperate if you are ever in the area!

Where: Petite Thuet
1 King Street West
Toronto, ON
M5H 1A1

Price: $$ (Total: $16 for a drink, 6 macarons and a chocolate-almond croissant)

Cute interior. Comfortable sitting -so elegant!

Such high ceilings!

They sell products by Chef Mark Thuet!
PT sells bottled sandwiches, drinks and various other products such as jams, sauces and pickled food

Selection of artisan sandwiches, quiches, and pastries
Prices for various other pastries in the patisserie 

Limonana $3.95

Whenever I come to Petite Thuet, I ALWAYS get Limonana - an Israeli drink that is a concoction of lemonade and fresh mint. If you love the herb-y taste of mint, this drink is for you. So refreshing!

Prices for macarons and tarts.

So many macarons (2.20 each; no tax after 6!)

Pastries (above macarons) range from $5 - $8
Flavours from right to left
Cookies and Cream, Lemon, Pistachio, Rosewater, Mocha, Chocolate mint, Blueberry cheesecake, Lavender

Flavours from left to right
Raspberry, Hazelnut, Coconut-lime, Salted Caramel, Black Forest, Chocolate, Mocha

From top left going clockwise:
Black forest, lavendar cheesecake, chocolate coconut
rosewater, lemon, espresso
Whenever I buy macarons there are two flavours I always insist on trying: lemon and a coffee flavour! I like comparing them between places. Their lemon is very tart but I was a little disappointed by their espresso macaron. Very subtle taste unlike La Bamboche which was very flavourful!

Lemon Macaron - pretty huge!

Inside of the Black Forest macaron
There were actually cherry bits in it!
The black forest macaron even had little bits of cherry bits in it!

Rosewater Macaron
The rosewater macaron was very fragrant and tasted very "flowery" as rose should taste. It tasted as dainty as it looked :)

We also got an almond chocolate croissant ($3.00) (not pictured here) which was delicious - buttery, flaky and there was a generous amount of almond paste and chocolate. Absolutely my new guilty favourite.

Overall their macarons are decent..Not the best I've had! - the crust was perfect but it was the filling that threw me off slightly - the filling is what carries all the flavour and I found that a majority of the macaron had a very subtle flavour to it. Also,  I like to cut into my macarons before eating them and as I was cutting them, the tops would slide off completely. Perhaps they were sitting out of the fridge for too long but it left me with a bad impression of the macaron.

Another unpleasant thing to note: The staff can be a bit rude (perhaps they believe they are working at a pretentious patisserie and thus can show attitude?) 

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