Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House

I've passed by this dessert house many times on my way downtown but never thought twice to stop in!
Finally had the chance to pop in and was I surprised! This place is a hidden gem and is the perfect cafe for desserts and lattes!

Pastel Creperie & Dessert House
Where: 5417 Yonge Street
Price: $
Notes: Free WIFI and...FREE PARKING! Available at 500 Doris Ave if you are visiting Pastel. For more instructions, click HERE.

Interior wise, the place is very clean and bright but small. The waiter's eye literally widened when she saw our group of 6 barge in haha.

One thing I should start of by saying right off the bat, this dessert house is more of an Asian-fusion dessert. The waffles and crepes are not something you would typically see at, say, Demetres. Nonetheless, delicious!

Top: Shortcake Crepe (strawberry, blueberry, spongecake)
Middle: Nutella Crepe (banana, nutella, chocolate ice cream)
Bottom: Green Tea Waffle (red bean, short cake, homemade green tea ice cream)

The presentation is phenomenal and way more than I would expect to be honest! And it tasted just as good as it looked. I really liked that they put the ice cream off to the side so it didn't melt onto the waffle or crepe and make it soggy. 

I was told that the crepes were delicious - thin, tasty and light and filled with an impressive amount of creme and filling. 

Green tea waffle (red bean, spongecake, and homemade green tea ice cream!)
The green tea ice cream was delicious and you could tell it was homemade  - I have never seen such a rich, vibrant green colour in a green tea ice cream before! And the taste was very matcha-concentrated which I loved. 

Other desserts are also available to order but these are not made in-house so we did not care to order them.

Will definitely be back to try their famous green tea latte and savory crepes! Word on the block is that they are pretty fancy with their latte art and seriously, I'm such a sucker for pretty food :)

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