Sunday, February 9, 2014

Main's Mansion

Main's Mansion
Where: 144 Main Street, Markham
Price: $$
NOTE: This address is for Main Street MARKHAM .. NOT Unionville!
My family made the mistake of going to Main Street Unionville and was wandering around for a good 15 minutes before realizing this was the Main Street in Markham!

Pub-style interior
 Loved the interior - it is very cozy! At night time Main's serves as a pub  so it only makes sense that its interior fits that purpose. We were seated by the fireplace so we were extra warm and cozy :)

Their brunch menu has lots of variety perfect for a hearty Sunday brunch meal or *ahem* hangover cures.

We ended up getting a plate per person but my, that is a mistake because these plates are HUGE.
Mansion's Super Breakfast ($15.99)
No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you - that is starfruit AND pomegranate in the side of fruit they give you. They are NOT skimpy with their fruit like Cora's is . Piled high with not only the typical apples and oranges but with strawberries, grapefruit, persimmons, pomegranate and starfruit! Absolutely phenomenal. 

Mansion's Super Breakfast includes a side of two fluffy pancakes !
The pancakes were really fluffy, light.. and big! We were honestly expecting small silver dollar pancakes but these were much bigger. I could have honestly just eaten this for breakfast and called it a day haha.

Eggs Florentine ($14.99)
One of the best eggs florentine I've had yet! They sautee the spinach in red wine and red onions and let me tell you, it takes it to a whole new level just by that added step.

Eggs Benedict with peameal bacon($14.99)
 The homefries were surprisingly addicting. I am usually not a fan of homefries because i find the potatoes get too dry but these were so crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Absolutely delicious!
Included this picture just to show you
 a reference of the SIZE of these plates!!
Great food at reasonable prices... I am DEFINITELY coming back. This is, without a doubt, one of my favourite brunch places in Markham now!

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