Thursday, February 6, 2014

Deer Garden

Deer Garden
Where: 550 Highway 7 East, Unit 108
Price: $ ($8.25 for the make-your-own-noodle combo!)

The interior is pretty simple - think modern, Asian cafe. It is very clean and bright which always makes me more comfortable :)

Deer Garden has a special where, for $8.25, you can make your own bowl of noodles. There are many broths, and noodles to choose from but the ingredients to pair with the noodles are somewhat limited.
*Note: The noodles already come with white mushrooms, napa cabbage and dried bean curd.

Of course, they also have other menu items such as steamed rice or fried noodles but it is none for its soup noodle combo's so why not :)

Cute little mugs for our drinks!

Hot drinks are included with the meal and, as usual, cold drinks are +$1.00

Top: Tom Yum Noodles with Rice Noodle
Bottom: Peanut and Chili Oil (Dan Dan Mian!) with thin rice noodles calamari slices and beef brisket
Drinks: Horlick (top) and Lemon tea (bottom)
For $1.75, you can add side dishes to your noodles. They range from deep fried pork to ginger chicken wings. I ended up getting the deep fried ginger chicken wings (not pictured) which J described as "Crispy on the outside, delicious on the inside"! 

First off, the bowls are enormous, ramen-sized bowls. They were filled with equal amounts of pairings, noodles and plenty of soup. I liked that it wasn't one of those noodle places that gave you lots of noodles and nothing else! 

J's Tom Yum was DELICIOUS. It is hot, spicy, tangy, just so tasty! Perfect for a cold winter's day.

My peanut and chili oil soup base was really good during the first few bites..but ended up being a bit too heavy. The flavours were there but near the last few bites, man was I full. 

Unfortunately, I've heard from numerous people that, even though they specialize in fish soup, it is NOT good. I would recommend sticking with any of the other non-fish soup soup bases.

Can't wait to come back to try the other soup bases! 

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