Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Origin Liberty

Chef Claudio Aprile, known for his limitless and culinary experimentaion, opened Origin Liberty after his Origin and the acclaimed Colborne Lane (now closed, sadly). E and I were in Liberty Village and stumbled upon Origin. Great atmosphere and everything was beautifully presented but the menu items weren't particularly innovative (definitely no Colborne Lane).

Where: 107 King Street E (Liberty Village)
Toronto ON
M5C 1G6
Price: $$

Loved the casual, hip environment of Origin. There was even a motorcycle parked inside the restaurant!

The restaurant's design is based on a World War II gun factory idea. Hence spray-painted numbers, gun replicas, and near the entrance.. an impressive Ducati!

Deviled Eggs ($6)

Deviled eggs - souffletine - herbs - crispy smoked bacon
The deviled eggs, albeit delicious, were a whopping $6 for a single egg. The yolks were creamy and smooth, a nice change from the chunkier versions I usually tend to make at home. Very good, but honestly a little pricey!

Corned beef, sweet potato, poached eggs, hollandaise ($15)
My friend got this brunch skillet that was piled high with corned beef, potato, cheese and topped off with two perfectly poached eggs and a generous ladle of hollandaise. It was delicious - each bite was filled with hot potatoes, and ooey gooey cheese - it almost beat the burger in my mind. A very hearty brunch dish that is not for everyone but we loved it.

Origin Burger ($17)
Arugula - spicy chipotle - guacamole
The Origin Burger.. also known as one of the top 25 Burgers in Toronto! The burger meat is a secret beef blend exclusively at Origin Liberty. Smoky and charred but a delicious pink interior is sandwiched between chunky, fresh guacamole and a spicy chipotle mayo. The bun is a whole other story, it was almost like a croissant consistency - puffy, buttery, and SO delicious. Definite recommendation and I am in complete agreement that they have earned their spot on the top burgers in Toronto!

Side order of fries ($4.50)
Fries were good but nothing special. I didn't like that the burger didn't come with fries (or anything for that matter!)

Note: Origin Liberty is part of Summer and Winterlicious so I would definitely urge you to go then to get an overall feel of the restaurant. Great restaurant, decent prices and a delicious burger will have me coming back!

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