Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I don't know which was more exciting: the prospect of going to a meat-centered restaurant owned by Rob Rossi, or the chance to meet Rob Rossi himself! Bestellen, which means "made to order" in German was opened by Top Chef Canada finalist, Rob Rossi (who was the former head chef of Mercatto!) and features food influences from Italy, France and of course Germany.

Where: 972 College Street
Toronto, ON
M6J 3H8
Price: $$

 The most unique feature of Bestellen has got to be their large dry-aging room which was stocked full of meat and aging steaks.
Aging room

Back room

Gruyere Cheese Popovers ($7)
We started with the Gruyere Cheese Popovers ($7) and Steak Tartare ($14). The gruyere cheese popovers were unapolegetically buttery and oh-so cheesey. They were a decent size considering it was only $7!

Steak Tartare ($14)
At the time of ordering this, Bestellen served it as a "Caeser Style". It's steak tartare changes seasonally, taking on variations such as crushed hazelnuts. Each order comes with crispy house-made fingerling potato chips.
Grilled Octopus, N'duja Sausage, Crispy Potato ($21)
The rest of the table ordered the Bestellen Burger but my friend ordered the Grilled Octopus ($21) which she said was cooked well, but too spicy for her liking. Stick to the meat!

Bestellen Burger ($18)

21st place of the Top 25 Burgers in Toronto
The rest of the table got the Bestellen Burger which was rated one of the top 25 burgers in Toronto in 2012 by Toronto Life.  Bestellen uses dry aged beef which makes for a delicious burger patty with a gooey raclette, caramelized onions all between a brioche bun. While J didn't like the caramelized onions, I thought it was the perfect addition. Definitely a must try!!

Got  a picture with the man, Rob Rossi, himself :)!!
Luckily, Rob was in the restaurant during the time we went so I shamelessly had to get a picture with him!

I would definitely come back here again - but this time to try their suckling pig or Peking duck dinner which is $65 for a full-out family style dinner!

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