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The Melting Pot is a huge chain franchise in the USA (with 145+ locations!), but has recently just opened two locations in Canada (Edmonton and Richmond Hill). Lucky us up-towners get to try this new concept. This location took over the old The Keg restaurant that was here. 

Where: 125-135 York Blvd.
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 1J8
Price: $$ ($22/person for 2 fondues)


Came on a late Thursday night so it was pretty empty. Normally, reservations are recommended. Despite the plain exterior, the interior was very chic and modern. Dimly lit with candles on every table, it definitely gave off the romantic essence!

Neat wine display case
It's actually a HUGE cube filled with wine bottles!

They have different types of tables for different
sizes of groups / different events

They have tables for couples, large parties and even private rooms for events

Bar area also available
"Lover's Lane"

Lover's Lane was the name given to a series of hallways - all containing cozy booths for (you guessed it) couples.
Our table on Lover's Lane

Elegant set up

Our fondue pot

Tools of trade!
Started off with the cheese fondue ($18/2 people). If you have a hard time choosing, the Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue is highly recommended! However, we ended up going with the Big Night Out Cheese Fondue which was their seasonal cheese fondue.

They also have an extensive menu if you are interested in dinner entrees as well as a prix fixe menu that includes fondue (ranges from $48 - $55/person or $110/couple). Their food is generally pretty pricey so I would suggest coming for what they are known for - fondue!

"Big Night Out Cheese Fondue"
Samuel Adams Boston Lager base broth,
Cheddar and Emmenthaler cheese
Bacon, Dijon, Tabasco and Scallions to finish off

It's a nutty meets spicy with a bit of crunch in this ooey gooey concoction!

Artisan bread, various veg and Granny Smith apples
A little disappointed by the lack of condiments to go with the fondue. You're definitely paying more for the experience than the actual food.

How can you say no to that?
Only problem with the cheese fondue is that it gets extremely hot near the end of the fondue cheese. Some ends up sticking onto the pot make it hard to dip into.

We decided on getting the chocolate fondue next!

FYI: Flaming Turtle and their PBJ
fondue is highly recommended!
We ended up choosing the Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue which was milk chocolate, caramel and praline pecans flambeed at your table.

Flaming Turtle Chocolate Fondue

The desserts given to us for dipping in:
Strawberries, graham cracker  and oreo crumb crusted marshmallows
pineapples, pound cake, brownie and slice of cheesecake

Everything was really good, we just wished there was MORE of it (especially the strawberries!) The graham cracker and oreo crumb crusted marshmallows were really intersting (although a bit too sweet with the fondue..). The cheesecake was just a standard New York Cheesecake. Not bad at all, but nothing to write home about. 

While the sweets were delicious, we wish they had more fruits then sweets (which became exceedingly sweeter with each one we had!)

FYI: A refill of strawberries is a whopping $3!!

Praline pecans
The caramel taste is EXTREMELY evident in this and is actually what makes this fondue so extraordinary! The candied pecans also add extra flavour and a crunchiness to this otherwise creamy fondue. The caramel, though, is what really gives this fondue its flavour though!


Our total bill came to $22/person and we were quite full afterwards. The service is absolutely amazing here. They take you on a tour of the restaurant when you first enter and take care to fully explain each of the fondues to you. This is a choice place if you really want an intimate setting with a significant other or even a bunch of close friends. Definitely a great restaurant with a new concept (which is badly needed in the GTA!) 

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