Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Dean and Deluca of Canada!

Where: 57 Yorkville Ave
Toronto, ON
M5R 2B1
Price: A little pricier than a regular supermarket because it IS first and foremost a gourmet food shop. Although many things in that store are more than affordable.

With locations on Avenue Road , Bayview Village (both of which are much larger than the Bloor location feature here)
Pusateri's exterior
You won't miss those flags : )

Interior is small and quaint with food completely
enveloping the walls and shelves
Mini baguette I found! How adorable :D
Pusateri's sells more upscale-versions of common foods.
Here are Lobster-stuffed potato skins

Huge variety of pastries at a very affordable price!
(Cakes around $30-$40)

Lemon tart ($1.50)
Strawberry Balsamic Macaron ($1.75)

The lemon tart was fairly disappointing, the tart shell was VERY hard (stale?) which made eating it very unenjoyable.. The meringue and the lemon filling were mediocre as well.
The macarons on the other hand...
I actually came back a few days later and picked up some more macarons. Though obviously not well known for their macarons, they're surprisingly good for the price they charge!
Most notable macarons: Strawberry Balsamic, Coconut, Cassis and Passionfruit. The strawberry balsamic macaron is actually a jam-based filling (in contrast to the buttercream) which was so delicious since it was much more tart than a regular macaron.

Although this is not a place you typically go to buy your groceries, it's a fun place to browse and even more fun to taste : )

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