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Only been opened recently in 2011 and already it's a student favourite. It's about time too - restaurants around the two campuses specialize in chicken wings, or other pub-style food but there are none that specialize specifically on hamburgers. On weekdays it is absolutely packed with students dropping in from the university across the street!

Where: 10 University Avenue
King Street and University Avenue
Waterloo, ON
N2L 3C2
Price: $ (We easily filled up with only a hamburger and a side of poutine for $12 total)

Interior is very sports-bar like. Loved the atmosphere : ) 

Love the old parlour-style restaurant
Various TVs around the restaurant
showing different live games/channels

The menu is very simple - burgers, fries and parlour-style milkshakes. Within that simplicity is a commitment to quality because FB makes all their patties from ground beef - nothing is frozen! You can also ask for your burger to be cooked ' a little pink ' which is great because nothing is worse than an overdone burger. They lived up to my expectations of a good quality burger though, you can definitely tell the difference! Only concern is that it is a bit small.
Due to its 'au-natural' appeal , the burgers CAN be pricey after all the add-ons, so I highly recommend their "Burgers of the Day".
T.H.E. Burger
(Tomatoes-Hashbrown-Fried Egg)

Oooo yes, look at that money shot!
Traditional Poutine
Side - $3.49
The cheese curds in the poutine don't "squeak" like the curds in really good poutines do but it is, first and foremost, a burger joint so i didn't mind too much. Plus, not a lot of great poutines can be found in this area.

Pretty large for a side!
Side poutine was enormous! We easily split this between the two of us.
The Hangover
Strip bacon, peameal bacon, fried egg
We both agreed that the meat was a little bland... The toppings made up for it but we wished the patty was a bit more flavourful!!

Poutine with mushroom gravy
If you're feeling a bit adventurous, definitely try the poutine with mushroom gravy.

 Although it hasn't been opened long, it already has a signature house sauce called "Frat Sauce" - a spicy Habernero pepper sauce that adds an instant kick to each burger.
The only problem that I have with their hamburgers is that their buns do not hold well - the bottom of the bun usually gets very soggy and falls apart before I can finish the burger.
The service is mediocre - a little slow but they were very nice and polite. Besides, its a burger joint, how much can you expect?

A plus: it opens late on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays til as late as 3am, where drunken students can get take out hamburgers for their greasy fix.
We'll be seeing you soon, Frat Burger!

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