Monday, January 14, 2013

STACK Smokehouse Restaurant

With the Burger's Priest just next door, STACK brings Toronto some truly flavourful smoked meat to hopefully cure this area's meaty cravings.

Exterior (via. The Grid)
STACK Smmmokehouse
WHERE: 3265 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M4N 2L4
Price: $$ ($40 for two people)

Menu on the outside

We arrived at 5:30 on a Friday night so as to beat the dinner rush. I was told that it gets extremely busy as the night goes on so I recommend making a reservation or going early (or later!)

Despite the hip interior, STACK is really a family restaurant. As I passed through the restaurant, lots of areas had whole families eating together :)


Make your own burger!
We settled with the "Chicken and Ribs" which was described on the menu as:
"Half rack of baby back ribs rubbed and smoked in our pit. Brushed with choice of BBQ sauce. Served with classic coleslaw, smoke molasses beans and fresh cut fries" There is also an option to add an extra half rack for $7

When the plate came, we were surprised by how big it was! They were pretty generous with their sizes.

Chicken and Ribs ($27)

Let me start by saying that a) I am not a big fan of ribs. b) I am not a big fan of barbecue sauce so this trip to a smokehouse was not something I was particularly looking forward to. BUT, these ribs were amazing. The meat was so tender and the BBQ sauce was just the perfect amount so you wouldn't just end up with a messy, overwhelming bite of BBQ sauce.


Slid right off the bone :9
The chicken on the other hand was less than average. Really, really dry.. We had to use huge amounts of sauce to mask the dry-ness. Honestly it was nothing to write home about at all.

To be honest, I remember being really full afterwards so I'm not sure why we ordered even more. I guess we were drunk on delicious food :')

We ordered a plate of Buffalo Fries (Fries topped with a buttery hot sauce) and another bowl of coleslaw (Yes, it was THAT good). The fries themselves were very good - good size, lightly crisp and salted.

 Coleslaw ($3)

Buffalo Fries ($7)
Now, at this point I was completely filled to the brim. Past satisfaction, past full, it almost hurt to breathe (don't lie, you've been there before). BUT, so many people suggested their S'mores donut so of course I had to try it.... not. I picked up the menu, took one look at it and gave in to how full I was. Maybe another time.

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