Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jean Talon Market [Montreal]

Jean Talon is located in Villeray near Jean-Talon metro station. Local farmers come here to sell their goods so the market is always full of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants. The produce is not limited to local food however, many farmers sell exotic produce in bulk at insanely cheap prices.

Where: 7070 Avenue Henri Julien (near Jean Talon metro station)
Montreal, QC
H2S 3S3
Price: N/A

Jean Talon is open every day of the year (starting at 7am!) and is the largest public vendor in Montreal with 300+ vendors!

On one end of the market you have shops selling food while the other has fresh produce from farmers from around the province.

A majority of the market is under a shelter which makes it a perfect place, rain or shine!

Off to Aqua-Mare for the best Calimari I've ever had

Aqua Mare!

Fresh Seafood at Aqua-Mare

You can actually dine on some of their seafood!

After you get your order, you wait outside as they make your food

Our food is coming!!!

Calamari + Shrimp ($8.99)
Calamari + Smelts ($8.99)

Calamari with hot sauce
You have not tasted calamari til you've had Aqua-Mare's calamari.. It was soft and the crispy breading clung to the calamari. Mmm, I'm feeling some calamari now...

Then off to Les Noix du Marche for nuts!

They have both regular unsalted nuts and nuts with different flavours

Flavours like rosemary or lemon-pepper or maple.. mmmm!

Get their Maple Walnuts !! They are so addicting - you won't be able to just eat one! We also got their rosemary-lemon macadamia nuts which were ridiculously sour so I would not recommend those. Their pepper-lemon almonds were interesting too!

My one and only weakness

Point G Macarons

We got 2 boxes of 10 macarons.

I wasn't expecting much from these macarons but man, was I surprised! The flavours were very prominent but they weren't overly sweet! I highly suggest their Cassis, Pistachio and Caramel Fleur de Sel

Then, off to get some olives!

Olives stuffed with garlic, cheese, peppers, etc..

Don't be fooled, we got the smallest size and they jam packed a good 30 olives in there!

One of the best gelatos I've had!

You can fit up to 3 flavours in the small size ($2.75)

They have very interesting flavours such as balsamic, blueberry and ginger

Matcha, Ginger and Coconut
The ginger gelato was the definite winner in this cup. Very different, you get a huge zing of ginger when you eat it. The coconut and matcha were also very good, but man that ginger gelato was something different!!

Rows upon rows of fresh produce! 

I honestly believe this is better than a grocery store...


Garlic doesn't come any fresher than this!

Most vendors have plates of their products so you can see just how fresh their produce is

Herb plants

Chili pepper plants that you can grow yourself

Look at the tiny ones!


Maple products

Maple sugar and Maple Taffy in a cone


Zucchini flowers

Garlic and chili peppers

The damage done in about .. an hour

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