Monday, September 29, 2014

CJ PLAYS: Tree Top Trekking @ Eco Adventure Park

Located in Oshawa, Ontario, Eco-Adventure Park was just under an hour's drive away.

Tips for first timers:
  • Would definitely recommend work out gloves though it is not required. Halfway through the course, my hands were starting to hurt !
  • Bug spray and sunscreen! More emphasis on the bug spray because we got eaten alive up there!

The guides are excellent - they are very friendly and knowledgeable. Before you begin the course, they started with a safety briefing and required all participants to go through a miniature low course to go through all safety procedures such as the right way to clip on, the correct way to zipline, etc. This was to ensure that all participants understood the safety rules before they were allowed to go on the actual course. They are VERY big on safety here which, I believe, is extremely important if you are 80 meters up in the air!

If you're afraid of heights, this is the perfect place to conquer your fear and if the heights don't phase you, this is the perfect place to challenge yourself and climb through the trees! The courses we chose included the beginner, intermediate and advance course with the last level being the most physically demanding (but extremely rewarding once completed).

Just a note - the courses are technical and you do need to be in some sort of physical shape (get ready to sweat!) to get through the course. However, our group had ages 16 - 50 years old and every one completed it. Just take your time and keep going :).

There were multiple small zip lining opportunities spread throughout the course as well as two very large zips that lasted about 30 seconds - 1 minute (one over a small canyon and the other that takes you back to the beginning of the course).

One aspect that we really liked about Eco-Adventure Park is that they  give you a LOT of freedom. We were expecting a guide to take us through the course, but they stayed on the ground and just checked in between courses.

It's both physically and mentally challenging. The entire course takes approximately 3 hours. I am terrified of heights but for some reason, I wasn't too scared . Probably because I was securely attached to the ropes so I felt safe!

If you're never done anything like this before, be prepared to get an adrenaline rush halfway through the course and to experience a new sort of fear as you venture across ropes, through barrels, around obstacles and threw the forest - all while balancing on a thin cable! We would definitely recommend Eco-Adventure Park to anyone - great staff and the course flowed nicely with great views and plenty of zipline opportunities!

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