Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Windsor Arms Hotel: High Tea

Windsor Arms
Where: 18 Saint Thomas Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 3E7
Price: $25 per person
Came here using my Groupon ($50 for 2 people).. Originally the price is $50 PER person!

Beautiful interior! Each room had a different theme.

I would have preferred the gold room but it was quite busy the day we went so we were seated in the purple room, which is noticeably squishier.

Such elegant tea strainers

They have a huge variety of flavoured green, black, white and oolong teas (4 pages long!)

I got the Rose Petal Oolong while E got the White Apple.

There were two scones per person.. a plain and black currant. They were really light and soft and surprisingly filling. The table had a plate of strawberry jam, berry jam and devon cream to pair with the scones.

Smoked Salmon, Chicken and Cucumber Tea sandwiches
The mini sandwiches there were smoked salmon with salmon caviar, cucumber with cream cheese and a grilled chicken with sun-dried tomato. 

Chocolate brownie, dulce de leche cone , fruit tart lemon meringue tart
Finally, we neared the top tier and finished off with four mini pastries. Nothing was too outstanding but we still enjoyed them.
Finish off with sparkling raspberry sorbet
(Sorbet with Prosecco)

The food was indeed very good -- it actually filled us up! Favourites would definitely have to be the smoked salmon tea sandwich and the sparkling raspberry sorbet. Environment was amazing and the staff was really friendly.
But to pay full price for this? I don't think it was worth $50.. I would only go again if there was a promotion.

Word of caution: best find parking on the streets.. Windsor Arms has their own parking lot but it's a whooping $4 per half an hour!!

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