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Canoe (Summerlicious 2011)

Went here for Summerlicious 2011 for the lunch. Figured might as well try the famed Canoe and enjoy the view and food  too :) We got really lucky with the reservations and actually got the last spot available 2 weeks before our lunch. The lunch price is a MUCH better value than dinner after seeing a few pictures of their meals - the portions were quite the same as the lunch portions.

Where: 54th Floor, Toronto Dominion Bank Tower
66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON
M5K 1H6
Price: $25 for Summerlicious Lunch

Click HERE for the 2011's Canoe Summerlicious menu

BIGGEST TIP for reserving at Canoe: Try a little later because people using AMEX hog spots to ensure a spot. However, a lot of people end up cancelling later!

Summerlicious menu

Kitchen view

We actually got a seat near the window before this but after about 5 minutes the view gets redundant. We thought we would enjoy the kitchen view better so we switched :)

If you get the chance, choose this seat - it's actually quite interesting to see the dynamics of the kitchen!

Complimentary bread with lemon chickpea spread in olive oil
One of the chefs noticed us sitting there and actually gave us an extra appetizer.  Thank you! (It's those little things that make a restaurant stick out hehe)

Chilled Holland Marsh Leek & Potato Soup
Marinated Baby shellfish & chive oil
That summer, it was all about chilled soup - this was perfect. Perfect balance of flavours - not to mention the beautiful presentation!

Ontario Bufala Mozzarella
Sweet Peas, Celery & Honey Glazed Walnuts
Loved the mozza and the colour and presentation was almost too appealing to dig into!

Pan Fried Great Lakes Walleye
Snow Peas, Rutabaga Slaw and Caper Horseradish Vinaigrette
This was so delicious - C enjoyed every part of it and it used all the ingredients she loved. We wanted to order white fish because it normally turns out dry and bland - so we wanted to see if Canoe would pass the test. Of course it did - the texture is similar to sea bass but more oily, making it more moist and flavourful. The rutabaga slaw was crisp and tangy and the portion was generous. Great dish and reeeally good deal given the price and quality

Wellington County Flatiron Steak
Smashed Fingerling Potatoes, Corn & Wild Leek Aioli

I got the flatiron steak - this is not a full steak; just slices of steaks. But it was very tender, delicious and not dry at all. Very prominent beef flavour. The sauces worked together perfectly despite there were around 3 different sauces on this place.

Such an experience to see how restaurants keep their kitchens so organized and efficient!

Canoe Pecan Tart
Cherries & Creme Fraiche Ice Cream
 Pecan tarts are one of C's favourites but this was was.. quite heavy and very sweet! A little disappointing considering this was one of their infamous desserts.
Bittersweet Chocolate Terrine
Vanilla Marshmallow & Barrie Hill Farms Strawberries
A really nice mix of the heaviness and sweatness of chocolate and the slight tartness of the strawberries. The marshmallow cream was the perfect addition which really made this a perfect harmony in flavours.

View from the 54th Floor of TD Tower; would be so much prettier at night :(!

Got a picture with the two chefs who gave us the free amuse-bouche!
All in all, portions were small but for lunch it was actually very satisfying - not to mention a great view on a beautiful day. We have yet to come here and try their non-licious meals.

Canoe without a doubt lives up to its hype and for the $25, you are getting the quality of food, ambience and service that Canoe is known for :) Of course this is the whole point of Summerlicious which I love. It is definitely worth the $25 lunch to try more high-end restaurants.

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