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Very modern and hip burger place that prides itself on organic, hormone and antibiotic-free hamburger patties. They also make their own buns!

Where: 10 College Street M5G 1K2
Toronto, Ontario
416 961 2227
Price: $

Interior is quite modern!! 

Bar near entrance.. Flat panel TVs surround the place with different live games!

Such a nice place ! Definitely makes you forget that you are actually here to chow on a burger..
The whole idea is to 'build' your burger. This is fun, but can get a little pricey. For those who don't trust their sense of taste, there is a selection of combinations put together for you!
Look out for the bison burger as well as the infamous "BREAKFAST BURGER" which is a hamburger with peameal bacon, sauteed onions, cheese, sauces and topped off with 2 fried eggs!!

My sister and I decided on just the regular beef burger and a side of 'Half and half' fries (Half regular fries, half sweet potato)

The menu has a section for complimentary toppings so we loaded up on toppings. We even threw in some beets because we love beets (but not on burgers..) so we asked for it on the side haha!

Like most wings/burger places, they give you veggie and dip.  There's supposed to be more on the plate.. too hungry to remember to take a pic:P

Our beef burger ($6.99)
What it lacks in delicate presentation that most pretentious restaurants have, it makes up for in flavour! You can definitely tell the beef is fresh! And you are also graced with a home made bun and fresh toppings :)

Whole wheat bun! There are different options for your bun..White, whole wheat. and lettuce!
Lettuce bun! via.

Now although it IS a burger place, their fries definitely deserve some commending on - thin thin shoelace fries. So delicious!

Half and half fries ($3.50)
Their portions are VERY generous. The atmosphere is on par with that of a fancy restaurant.. but you're here for burgers! Will definitely be seeing this place.. (this time for their bison burger !!)

Happy eatings :)

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